Flagship Escrow Manager Account

Flagship Escrow Manager – Simple and FREE

  • Individual escrows are opened quickly and easily using our specialized deposit tickets.
  • Monthly statements provide you with detailed reports on the activity in all of your escrow accounts.
  • One phone call or fax provides immediate access to the escrowed funds through your disbursement account.
  • Annual 1099 interest reporting forms are prepared and mailed directly to each of your escrow clients.
  • Flagship Escrow Manager is a free Business Banking Service

Here’s How it Works:

When it comes to running your business, managing multiple escrow accounts is probably not at the top of your “To Do” list. That’s why we developed the Flagship Escrow Manager, a specialized service to help you manage multiple escrow accounts with little more than a phone call.

Flagship Escrow Manager eliminates time consuming trips back and forth to the bank to open individual escrow accounts and the need to maintain separate ledgers for each client on your system. What’s more, we even prepare the year-end 1099’s for IRS interest reporting and send them to your clients, so you don’t have to.

Four Simple Steps

  1. Open a Master Escrow Account and a Business Checking Account for disbursements.
  2. Use our specially designed deposit tickets, which incorporate the required IRS W-9 form, to open as many individual escrows as you need.
  3. Monitor the activity in all your accounts with one detailed monthly statement.
  4. Call or fax your request for funds, and the amount will automatically be transferred into your business checking account for disbursement.